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Capitan Release Notes 2022

  On the roadmap: integrated live agent...

  New features     Improved features     Bug fixes

December 6th, 2022

  New HTML/CSS Template Editing
You can now manage your system email templates and utilities pages in settings > template editor.

  Page Speed Improvements
We've made improvements to our caching and pre-loading systems to improve page speed.

  Contact Directory Improvements
We've tweaked some styles and now included the contact's Company Name in the contact directory browser.

  Email Content Builder Buttons
We've added our Content Clean-up button to help when pasting content from another source. We've also added a Style Attributes button which allows you to add classes, ID's and your own CSS definitions to the created content.

  General minor bugfixes

July 30th, 2022

  New E-billing Quote Features
You can now create adjustable quotes giving your client options instead of presenting alternative quote documents. "Optional" lines allow the customer to remove the line from the quote, "Adjustable" lines allow the customer to adjust the line quantity.

  New Masthead Features
You can now easily insert video mastheads (mp4 or youtube). We've also added uto anchor buttons, 2 manual button options and add an icon option to the existing toolkit.

  New Content Editor Features
We've added buttons and a number of visual references to the editor window to help you to see the HTML elements you're working in. New Panel Builder Button - introduces special panel in addition to simple panel. Style/Class/ID Button - allows you to add/edit these attributes without going into source code. Brand Colour Palette - let us know your brand hexadecimal colours and we can add them to the colour picker button. Cleanup Buttons - We know you love copy pasting, so we've improved the paste capabilities in the content editor so that it actively removes any damaging formatting which is often unwittingly copied/pasted from other sources like MS Word or Google Docs

  General minor bugfixes

May 9th, 2022

  E-billing is now included for free! Create quotes/invoices for online approval/payment

  Security enhancements

  Restructured Capitan navigation

  Upgraded "Form Data Inbox" introducing read/unread and lead building functions

  General minor bugfixes

February 26th, 2022

  New "Parallax" mode for Mastheads

  New "Menu" builder allows you to create dynamic sub navigation menus in your pages

  Restructured Module Root / Module Categories and made their placement in your page heirarchy more clear by allowing them to be accessed via "Pages"

  Adjusted the Bounced Email Penalty (reduced)

  General minor bugfixes

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