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Capitan Release Notes 2024

  On the roadmap: AI content writing assistant, Huge CRM developments, live chat agent, darkmode email tools, e-billing trial periods, support ticket tools...

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July 9rd 2024

  Capitan is now in the cloud

  Credit Notes
You can now create Credit Notes in our E-billing system

  E-mail Deliverability
We modified system e-mail headers to improve deliverability and enable one-click unsubscribe

  Content Notifications
We added new delivery options for automatic content notitifations

  Form UX
We improved the User Experience on Capitan forms by upgraing the error response system

  General minor bugfixes and optimisations

January 3rd 2024

  CRM Actions
The rollout of this first phase of CRM Actions puts actionable sales leads at your fingertips without the need to hunt through your analytics. Leads are recorded when certain actions are performed by the visitor such as: completing a form, adding an item to the basket, or trying to access restricted content. Leads and their monetary values can be viewed in your Sales Leads Inbox and on Contact & Company Profiles, from where you can easily convert them to opportunities (generate an e-quote) or a sales (generate an e-invoice)

  Dummy Text Generator
You can now insert Lorem Ipsum text to help with page drafting and mock-ups

  Glue Links
Our new Glue Link MagiaCode enables you to create links which never break - see your MagiaCode tab for usage instructions

  Sticky Widget Zones
It's now possible to make the content of Zones 2 and 3 "sticky". As the visitor scrolls down the page the content in your widget zone remains in view.

  Content Deletion Schedule
Accidentally deleted some content? Let us know within 3 days and we can easily restore it without the need to extract data from your back-ups

  Form Triggers & Passwords
We've added some new e-commerce triggers to our form builder. You can now create forms which automatically pre-populate a basket/checkout, or which create an e-quote or e-invoice. Password creation boxes now have "reveal" buttons and strength indicators, and we've made improvements to the form builder UI too...

  E-mail Bounce Log
We've started displaying a log of e-mail bounces on contact profiles, helping you to keep your contact data up to date

  DNS Validation Tools
Now easier than ever to validate your domain DNS settings to ensure Capitan can function entirely as intended

  Group & Company Deletion
It's now easier to delete Groups and Companies in the CRM, automatically removing associated content and files in the process.

  Checkout / Quote / Invoice
We've extended our e-commerce functionality to enable your visitors (if configured) to convert their basket to an e-quote or e-invoice in addition to the standard checkout procedure.

  Strong Password Aids
We've added some visual aids and guidance to our standard password inputs to help end users when creating strong passwords.

  Non-Essential Cookies
If you're using non-essential cookies (ie: third-party plugin such as Google Tag Manager) we can now update your config to help you capture the necessary consent via the cookie prompt and your cookies page. This is not applied to your account by default so let us know if you're using non-essential cookies.

We're now allowing you to hotlink images from external resources for your mastheads and cover images

  Major Environment Updates
We've upgraded Capitan's core to ensure optimal security and performance

  AddThis Tools Replaced With AddToAny
Enjoy your retirement AddThis!

  Create Widget Content in Place
If a widget is only needed for a single page/module item you can now create the content in the page/module item view. Instead of having to create a widget first and then attach it.

  General minor bugfixes and optimisations

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