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Capitan Release Notes 2023

  On the roadmap: live chat agent, darkmode email tools, e-billing trial periods, support ticket tools...

  New features     Improved features     Bug fixes

July 21st 2023

  Known/Unknown Visitors
You can now manually mark visitors as known or unknown to optimise your prospect tracking and reporting.

  View as Contact
From any contact profile you can easily click a link to view the website as that contact. This invaluable addition will streamline testing of personalised and private content.

  Session Timeout Warning
We've added a session timeout warning which will allow you to extend the session if you're still busy, instead of being automatically logged out.

  E-Billing Access Controls
We've added new access settings on your e-quotes and e-invoices. You can set these up so they're available either to individual contacts or to contact groups.

  HTML Email Templates & Utility Pages
Now easier than ever to edit and customise. The possibilities are endless.

  General minor bugfixes and optimisations

May 20th 2023

  E-Billing Part Payments
You can now allow split payments on chosen invoices, enabling your customer to pay 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of any invoice via online payment links

  Portal Template
We've added a portal template to your website template set (within utilities) so now it's easier than ever to create a customer portal with a completely different design and navigation to the rest of your website

  New Text-Only Carousels
It's now possible to create text-only carousels in "Content Assets > Galleries & Carousels". Great for showing off customer quotes and testimonials

  New Keyword Cluster Panel
We've added a neat feature for displaying a cluster of keywords on your pages in a stylish and on-brand fashion. You'll find the controls in "Insert Panels" in the content editor

  New Custom Inputs
We've added custom input options for all pages, categories and module items. This extends the capabilities of Capitan's templating systems to make it even easier to build your own bespoke solution

Content swap capabilities extended

  General Reports
Further improvements to report load times and various new filters added. We've also changed the way that visitors are tracker before/after login to improve the accuracy of our visitor counters

  General minor bugfixes

March 24th 2023

  General Reports
We've made some UX improvements to the main reports

  Website Visitor & Leads Reports
You can now filter by lead/prospect/customer and exclude admin/employees from the report output

  General minor bugfixes

February 18th 2023

  Contact Directory
We've reviewed and optimised DB queries to speed up directory searches and other functions

  Reports Section
We've moved your dashboard geolocation stats onto an asynchronous function - you'll get logged in and see the dashboard more quickly

  Email Verification
Our automated email verification function can be now turned off on specific forms.

  Capitan Credits
Usage can now be tracked in 'main settings' alongside other license usage data.

  General minor bugfixes

January 1st 2023

  Control Panel Update
You'll notice everything feels more spacious - we hope you enjoy working in this new environment!

  General minor bugfixes

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