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When you click the X to delete a page in Capitan you'll be prompted to confirm your decision "are you sure?" before your request is processed. If the page has children Capitan will prompt "child pages will also be deleted - are you sure?".

If you proceeded by mistake, don't panic... there are a few ways we can recover deleted content:

  • We may be able to recover the page(s) from it's last rollback version if you've made recent edits
  • We can recover the page(s) from your back-ups, but this is a longer process. Capitan runs monthly back-ups by default so the version we recover could be up to a month old, unless you've upgraded to Premium Daily Back-ups or Hourly Back-ups

Submit a Work Request Ticket in the Capitan Portal and ask if we can recover the page(s). Please provide details (CID, title or URL) about the deleted page(s) to help us find them quickly.


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