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How Capitan uses Cache Control

Capitan uses various data points to establish wether to deliver locally cached content or to force resources to be loaded from the server every time a page is loaded.

When first loading a page the date/time is recorded as a cache identifier. On subsequent visits, if any Capitan content or templates have been modified since the cache identifier date/time then resources will be forced to load from the server again and the cache identifier date/time will reset. Otherwise locally cached resources will be delivered.

Dealing with Stubborn Caching

Some browsers have notoriously stubborn caches and you might find that a modified image is still showing the old version, for example. To ensure that this doesn't affect visitors:

  • You could change the image name as this will force the browser to look for a different resource to the one which is cached.
  • You can save the page which the image appears on, you don't need to make a change to the page, just save it. This let's the browser know that the edit date/time of that page is after it's cache identifier date/time, so it should load resources from the server instead of using the cache.

cache caching

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