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You've just run a webinar and your sales team are eager to find out who watched it... with Capitan it's easy to extract a CSV reporting on contacts who viewed your content and send that off to your sales force for processing.

There are a few different methods for getting this data out of Capitan using different reports, but for this scenario the simplest approach is as follows:

  • First we need to establish where this content has been created in Capitan. It could be a regular page or a module item such as a vacancy, news article or e-commerce product and it's type will dictate where we find it. Using our example scenario let's imagine the webinar has been created as an Article so we should go to "Web Content > Articles"
  • Next we need to find this specific piece of content. Using the left hand navigation below "All Articles" we can browse all articles by title. These are ordered by date with the most recent first. If we need to dig deeper we can use the pagination tools or use the "Search by title" facility to find it quickly
  • Once located we simply click on the item title to load the "Edit View". In this view we will see a white bar at the top of the main section containing the Article's title and number of buttons, one of which is "Stats".
  • Clicking "Stats" launches Capitan's Item Specific Statistics report showing 30 day insights by default. Its easy for us to adjust the date range if needed
  • At the top of the report we can click into the "Journeys" tab so see all of the visitor activity where this item was included in the visitor journey. If our sales team has access perhaps they can browse the journeys manually for granular insights into what each contact did. But let's assume we need to export the data, so if we scroll to the bottom of the report we can click "Collect xxx Contacts" (xxx being the number of contacts found in the report)
  • With some contacts collected we can click the dropdown "What would you like to do with these contacts" and choose "Export Contacts". In another scenario we might want to add them to a group or even send them a targetted email, both of which are easy in Capitan.
  • Selecting "Export Contacts" launches the Import/Export tool with the selected contacts ready to be processed. We need to build the report format here by dragging and dropping chosen attributes from the left box to the right box. So if sales want to see name, company, job title and telephone we simple just drag those attributes from the box on the left and drop them in the "Selected Attributes" on the right.
  • Finally we click into the "Export Options" tab and hit "Export Contacts" to receive the CSV
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