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Capitan Installation Login

As a Capitan administrator you can access the Capitan Installation on your own domain when you want to make changes to your website or databases. You will have received an email upon account creation which gives you a Secure Login Link and your personal login details. If you've lost this or didn't receive it (check your spam folder) you can raise a support ticket here in the portal:

Secure Login Link: will be something like

Username: your email address

Password: request a reset and follow the instruction in the email (check your spam folder)

Capitan Portal Login

You also have a client account on the Capitan Portal found on the domain. This is where you'll find information about your Capitan account and license, support tickets, knowledge base, and personalised guides and more.

Login: Go to and click the portal button at the top-right of the screen. Or click the 'Support' tab which can be found in all sections of your Capitan Installation (toward the right hand side of the screen)

Username: your email address

Password: the first time you use the portal please request a reset and follow the instruction in the email (check your spam folder). If you have a Capitan administrator account you'll have a Portal account too, but if you're told there's no account please contact us and we'll set one up for you

Please Note
These accounts are not connected, so updating your password for the Capitan Installation will not change your password for the Capitan Portal

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