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You must maintain a Privacy Policy and Website Terms & Conditions for your website's end users and data subjects.

In addition to explaining your own practices and the type of data you are processing, your legal team will likely advise that you include some technical information about how Capitan tracks visitors and the type of data which is stored in the platform.


Visitors are presented with the option to enable or disable cookies. When cookies are enabled they allow Capitan to:

  • Recognise when visitors return to the website
  • Make it easier to log in and out of the website
  • Store the visitors website preferences

Website Tracking

Capitan has it's own analytics suite which allows you to access detailed reports on your website visitors. This includes the following data:

  • Visitor IP address (and information derived from the IP including geolocation, network name)
  • Visitor device (browser and hardware profiles)
  • Viewed pages, downloads and website interactions

When a visitor is a recognised data subject, this data will be attributed to the Data Subject. A visitor will become recognised if:

  • They clickthrough from a Capitan email
  • They use a Capitan web form
  • They make a purchase through Capitan

If the visitor has enabled cookies, they will be recognised on subsequent visits after one either of these actions.

Email Tracking

Emails sent from Capitan contain a tracking pixel. Tracking pixels are the most commonly used method to detect wether an email has been opened or not. This includes the following data:

  • Email opens (via tracking pixel)
  • Email clickthroughs (via URL string)

Automated Contact Profiling

Capitan automatically builds data subject profiles based on their use of the platform. This includes the following data:

  • Recently viewed pages, downloads and website interactions
  • Search terms used when performing an on-site search
  • A history of purchases made through Capitan
  • A record of emails sent from Capitan and response data (opened, clickthrough)

Further information

Please click here for further information, including the Capitan Systems Limited DPA.

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