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Create a new page

  1. While logged into your Capitan dashboard, go to Web Content > Standard Pages  and click Create Page.
  2. Under the Create a New Page heading you'll see some boxes. Some of these are automatically populated in order speed up the setup process.
  3. In the Page Name box, give your page a name. This is the name people will see when they visit your page. Filling out this box will automatically populate the Page URL box too. If you want your page to have a different URL you can change it now. Keep your URL's simple and short so that people can find your pages easily.
  4. The Parent Page drop down box allows you to pick a parent for your page. The default is 'Floating', which means it will be accessible only if it is linked to either from an outside link or a button on another page.
  5. Select your Page Type, this box is populated with 'Regular Page' as a default, but you can change the type now if you need to.
  6. The Page Status dropdown determines whether or not your page is visable to people visiting your site. This is set to 'On' as a default but if you're not ready for people to visit your page yet we recommend you change this to 'Development Mode'.
  7. If you have your page content ready to paste into the Content of your page you can do so now. If you don't have your page's content ready yet don't worry, you can skip this bit for now.
  8. The next step is to naviagate to the bottom of the page and click the Create the Page button. A green message box should appear above the dropdown boxes with a link to the page editor for you newly created page.
  9. Click this link and head over to the page editor where you can finish creating your page, as well as adding additional features and page settings.

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