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A set of images are used throughout your installation and should be replaced with versions containing your own visual identity.

You're encouraged to modify these so the website and business utilities are fully branded, but you should note that:

  • The file name and type must not be changed
  • They must not be moved to a different folder
  • If the dimensions are adjusted you must update the image settings in related HTML/CSS templates accordingly

The default images are:

  • company-logo-lg.png
    The company logo connected by default to your root HTML templates
  • company-logo-inv.png
    The company logo which appears on subscription agreements, e-quotes and e-invoices
  • email-header.png
    The company logo which appears at the top of most of your HTML e-mails templates
  • favicon.ico
    The image shown in the browser tab alongside the title of the page.
  • share-ico-default.gif
    The default preview image used when your content is shared, unless the content has it's own cover image
  • thumbnail-default.png
    The default preview image used in any image based navigation panels, unless the content has it's own cover image

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