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The control centre of your installation where you can manage your website and business utility settings, and keep an eye on your license usage...

Main Settings Tab:

  • Website Name, Status & Superadmin Settings
    Website Name can be different to company legal name, Status controls master status of entire system, and Superadmin is your primary admin user who receives special privileges.
  • Primary Domain and Domain Forwarding
    All associated domains for reference. Forwarding domains must be registered on your license otherwise the traffic will be rejected, so it's important to let us know about all of your domain assets.
  • Legal Company Name and Registered Address
    Must be kept up to date. These details will be added to your Legal Notes pages and e-mail footers
  • Connected Accounts
    These inputs enable connections to third-party utilities and APIs which extend Capitan's functionality.

SEO Tab:

  • Default SEO Title, Default SEO Description
    Unless otherwise specified, these will be the title and description used for all items of content. It's recommended that you add specific SEO settings to every item of content but these are useful as fallbacks should you forget.
  • Global SEO Phrases & Keywords
    The keywords that you add here will be compiled along with those specified in the SEO Settings for any item of content. This is a good place for adding the most common words and phrases, such as your company name.
  • XML Sitemap Locations
    A listing of the URL's of your XML sitemaps.
  • 301 Redirects
    If you requre any 301 Redirects you must make a Work Request with us to request them. Once these have been registered on your license they'll be listed in this section for reference.

Modules Tab:

The main settings for installed modules will be found here:

  • Status, Search Visibility, Sitemap and RSS Settings
    The main status of the module is controlled here, when you bring one from Draft Mode to Live all of the categories and items will be switched to live too. Search visibility allows you to specify wether the module content can appear in your main on-site search (if you've kept this utility in your template). If hidden from the main search the content will still be searchable in module specific search utilities. Sitemap and RSS Settings allow you to specify wether the module content should appear in the main XML sitemap and RSS feed, or have their own independent XML and RSS.
  • Default Access/Edit Settings
    Whatever settings you configure here will be pre-populated as the default Access/Edit Settings when creating new categories.
  • Default SEO Settings
    Whatever settings you configure here will be pre-populated as the default SEO Settings when creating new categories. Whatever you add in the Module Phrases & Keywords will be compiled along with the Global Phrases & Keywordsd and those specified in the SEO Settings for any item of content in the module.
  • E-commerce Settings
    If installed, the e-commerce module tab contains additional controls for default Tax, Shipping, Handling, and Payment Reporting settings. You'll also find link to your Promo & Fullfillment Centre where you can create discounts & promo codes and configure the shipping & handling settings for your online store.

DNS Tab:

All of the DNS records which are required for a fully functioning Capitan installation can be found here. Alongside each record you'll find a button which allows you to check if your domain has been correctly configured for this record.

If you're using our Domain Renewal & DNS Management service we can configure the DNS records for you, otherwise you'll need to deal with the technical contact listed on the registered domain.

Access Tab:

It's possible to restrict access and permissions for each area of the Capitan control panel by specifying the Admin Level or Admin Group Membership required for Read-Only or Read & Write access. This tab shows you the current settings and to maintain system security, any changes that you'd like to make must be sent via Work Request.

Website Templates Panel:

Capitan comes preloaded with a suite of website and e-mail templates. Here you can customise the raw HTML, CSS and Sass as desired, allowing you to develop entirely bespoke templates for your website and business utilities. See the Root Template Development article for full details.

Capitan License Panel:

Details about your platform version (linking to release notes), your subscription renewal date, and a link to the Capitan Billing Portal where you can find your quotes & invoices.

License Usage & Limits Panel:

Keep track of your license usage here. You'll find your current usage levels listed alongside the licensed capacity limits for all aspects of your Capitan license. If you need to increase your license limits you'll find a link to the License Builder.

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