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Types of email sent by Capitan

Transactional Email

Dispatched in response to the visitor interacting with the website in a way where an email response is expected. For example, the most common transactional email is 'Email Verification'. If a new contact is self-registered into the CRM via a web form the system will send an email asking them to verify their email address. Contacts who verify their email are labelled as 'Email Verified' in the CRM and the system will permit more bounces on those contacts before flagging the account than it would on a non verified email.

Marketing Email

Emails that you create and send via timed dispatch or automated conditions with marketing content

Service Email

Emails that you create and send via timed dispatch or automated conditions relating to services for customers

Content Notification Email

Depending on how your website has been configured, your visitors might be given the option to sign up for 'content notifications' when viewing your module content. In this scenario they will receive a notification email when you publish new content in that module.

Consent channels in Capitan

The channel are visible n the 'comms' tab when creating or editing a contact i, or while browsing the contact directory and hovering the comms icon

  • Email Marketing Consent
  • Telephone Marketing Consent
  • SMS Marketing Consent
  • Postal Marketing Consent
  • Content Notification Consent
  • Service Email Consent

email consent

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