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Before jumping in take a look at the "What are Widgets and Widget Zones?" article, which explains what widgets and zones are.

A Widget is and independently controlled block of content which can be added to any Page or Module Item. Widgets can be any kind of content; text, video, images, galleries, forms, etc. 

Creating a Widget

Go to "Widgets" > "Create New Widget"

Give the Widget a name and choose which zones it can be used in. Some advanced options are available for "Widget Type" which are detailed in another article, for the most basic usage you can go with the pre-selected "Widget Type" of "Standard Inline Widget" .

All that's left is to create the content for the widget using the WYSIWYG editor.

Create a new widget

Adding a Widget to a Page or Module Item

Go to the "Design" Tab and scroll to "Widget Zones". You'll see a set of controls for each of your Zones.

If you wanted to add widgets in Zone 2 you would scroll to the Zone 2 controls and click "Zone 2 Widgets" to see all of the Widgets which are available for this zone. You can select as many as you like. After selecting a Widget it will appear in the Zone control box where you can drag & drop widgets to change the order you'd like them to appear in.

Adding widgets to pages or module items

widget widget zone

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