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A small selection of images are used throughout your installation, they can be found in the "Files" tab, within the "image" folder.

You can modify these images, but:

  • The file type must remain the same
  • The files must not be moved to a different location
  • If the image dimensions are changed, you will need to update the dimensions in related HTML/CSS templates

Used by the default framework to insert your company logo into your web pages. Inserted into default page template, simple form template, checkout template, and invoices/quote templates.


The image inserted in the at the top of any emails sent out by Capitan


The image shown in the browser tab, alongside the title of the page.


This is the default preview image used when any of your content is shared, if the content has no "cover image".


This is the default image used in your website navigation, if the content has no "cover image".

company logo images

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