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Capitan. The jargon-free B2B design vendor with more than 2 decades experience
Business Website Designers

Go VIP with Capitan bespoke designs.We help your true character and value to speak for itself, and drive higher quality inbound leads and customer conversions in the process.

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In the modern data-obsessed and template-churning business environment Capitan is here for the last bastions of enterprise who care about providing great services, authentic working relationships, and looking great in the process… Because we do, too.

The case against template libraries

Lost in Mediocrity

Sure, you can get a free logo or website template from a library and degradingly squeeze yourself into it. Designing a website or brand that looks nice is pretty easy. But capturing the essence of a company and designing solutions which snuggly fit it’s mission and values is a different ball game.

We’re true creatives who love nothing more than crafting solutions tailor made for you.  

The case against data-driven design

Inhibiting innovation

We don’t do trends, fast fashion or data-driven anything here at Capitan. By following the crowd you'll bear average results, and we believe fortune favours the brave. So we'll always think outside the box and be bold & original to help you get ahead.

We’re data-informed innovators: getting to the roots of what you do and designing considerately with character & soul.

Small, specialist & straightforward

Perplexed by multitudes of “web experts” in meetings? The project manager, the architect, the UX/UI strategist, the back-end developer, the front-end developer, the graphic designer, the quality tester and so on… These OTT micro-specialism teams foster miscommunication and lack creative leadership.

Capitan has a small and expert team of "unicorn developers". We see the whole picture as we’ve incorporated such micro-specialisms in our overall approach since a time before terms like UX and UI even existed! And everything we do is efficiently delivered using AI assisted systems & processes which we’ve fine tuned over 20+ years. 

Simply: discuss, define, design, deliver.

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