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  • Who: Pantheon Macroeconomics
  • What: Enterprise License, Bespoke Website Design, Capitan Platform & API Customisations
  • When: Capitan user since 2012

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  • Who: GeoDrill
  • What: Enterprise License, Bespoke Web Design, Brand Visual Identity Development
  • When: Capitan user since 2022

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  • Who: IOTech
  • What: Enterprise License, Capitan Platform Customisations, API integration
  • When: Capitan user since 2016

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Very easy for our team to get the hang of... it's a great system

  • Who: Inspire Financial Management
  • What: Enterprise License, Bespoke Website Design
  • When: Capitan user since 2020

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Capitan Users Include
Linux Foundation website by Capitan
IOTech website by Capitan
Capitan Customers
Nova Innovation website by Capitan
Pantheon Macroeconomics website by Capitan
Capitan Customers
Qubic Group website by Capitan
Workwell Furniture website by Capitan
Bradley Gardens website by Capitan
DAP Consultancy website by Capitan
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